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Pty Ltd Companies can limit director liability, ensure shareholder anonymity and provide a good way of structuring your business.

A South African Offshore Pty Ltd Company can trade from the office in your country, pay no SA tax, and help you to have the right South African image and marketing impact on all your international clients.

Only US$890.00 for a Shelf Company application - your nominee director/shareholder. (Because our system prepares everything as soon as we receive your order, the fee of US$890.00 must be paid directly after you submit this form. Only submit this form if you intend making immediate payment. See here for many references from happy clients:

Applying for a Shelf Company in terms of the new Companies Act, 2008 (South Africa).

1. Your company name allocation in ±1 hour.
2. It takes approximately 15 days to finalize the company into your name.
3. Once this is completed, we courier the Apostilled incorporation document to you (courier cost included in price) and email you the Tracking Number.

Name format example: “ABC Commodities Trading (Pty) Ltd”
What is the meaning of (Pty) Ltd?
We work according to government regulation and official timing and do a proper job.

To: CORP International Business Registration CC, Reg.No.2004/009704/23, Main Road, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa, 7130
Tel.: +2-721-852-4444

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