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Incorporate a New South African Offshore Company

Companies are incorporated in South Africa in the format of:
"ABC Commodities Trading (Pty) Ltd".

Pty Ltd Companies can limit director liability, ensure shareholder anonymity and provide a good way of structuring your business. ("Pty" = "Proprietary" = "Private" which means the shareholder/s do not have to be the same as the directors and can be private, that is, not displayed on letterheads, etc; "Ltd" = "Limited" which means that director liability is limited to the assets owned by the company.)

A South African Offshore Pty Ltd Company can trade from the office in your country, pay no SA tax, and help you to have the right South African image and marketing impact on all your international clients.

Only US$321.00 for a New Company application with Share Certificate/s and Tax Number.

Applying for a New Company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008 (South Africa).

Your company name in ±3 days.
Incorporation document with Reg.No. in ±7 days.
Apostilled final couriered in ±5 days (courier cost included in price).

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